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Over the past 30 years, C&E international owners and employees have developed a large and strong network of industrial manufacturers worldwide. Our Headquarter  in Hong Kong and our local offices in USA, Europe, Africa and China, give us the scale and the dimension to work Globally.
By analysing and understanding the customer’s needs, detailed research to find the right products, C&E International assures their customers a service of quality and high standard at the right price.
C&E International has professional representatives all around the world and we regroup people specializing in international business and trade with many years of experiences.

In a few words:

We work very closely with dealers, manufacturer, suppliers and customers to offer the best and the right solution to our customers in Europe, Africa, middle East and Asia.
We are partnering with the customers to solve the problem.

C&E International is dedicated to their customers.
Everything we do is driven by our core values, integrity, Excellence, teamwork, communication, commitment,…
At C&E International we believe the work of building a better world is just begun